Suplumb International Trading Limited is a leading plumbing trading company located in Ningbo, China.  We specialized in plumbing & HVAC products such as Supply lines, valves, fittings, drain parts, shower heads, gauges and faucets ect....

Honesty, integrity, and customer orientation are our business principals. We put our best foot forward to be the most efficient and professional company in the industry, while promptly deliver only the highest quality products and services – we place our customers as the first priority in all stages of the product and service delivery chain.


For medium and small plumbing distributors and wholesalers, competition in the market field is becoming more and more fierce, specially in price side. Big boxes already have sourcing offices in China to get cheap but quality plumbing products, makes them very competitive. In the other hand, B2C business is developing rapidly like Amazon and some other companies, a big challenge is in front of most medium and small distributors and wholesalers. They've been stuck in the middle without any price advantage to compete with big boxes and Amazon. They are thinking of import directly from factories in China. 

But importing directly from factories may not be the best way to go. Here is why:

  • Have To Buy Big Quantity For Single Product Category- You will have to order single product category in big quantity so to fit a full container to lower shipping and clearance cost. You don't have much choices as the factory can't produce everything. Ends up with a huge inventory lying in your warehouse for a long time, consuming your valuable warehouse space and cost a lot more potentially that you may not even notice. Or you choose to order smaller quantity, after paying all the shipping and clearance cost, you may find the average price is much higher.
  • Quality Risk - Most of the factories inspectors are lack of quality sense,  even a lot of owners too. A third party inspection is always needed.
  • Bad Communications - Most of the factory sales persons are newly graduated from college, lack of experience in the plumbing industry, them can't handle a telephone meeting with foreign customers to discuss complicated issues.
  • Sourcing difficulties-Although internet is developing very fast, there are manufacturers that you just can't find them on internet.

Work with us, you will not have to worry about those, because we have:

  • Low MOQ For Multiple Items - We cooperate with more than 50 factories, you only have to order small quantity products for each product category. Because our comprehensive products range, We can supply multiple items in one order, your precious time and money is saved.
  • Quality Control - We apply quality control from the very beginning to the final end. Include but not limit to below:
    a.Elaborate factories, only choose the most credible ones with reliable industry experiences and superior management system.
    b. In-process quality control and final quality inspection prior shipping,  implemented by experienced quality engineers. Wages and bonus link up with monthly and annual quality performance, makes sure their job is done in a responsible way.
  • Professional Communications - We have rich experiences in plumbing industry, with excellent English communication skills, highly responsible working attitude, and passion of success.
  • Localization advantage-We know China plumbing industry very well, plus local language advantage, it's easy for us to locate your targeted factories and do all the prior research jobs.