Aluminum Water Heater Pan


Pan size: 
20" ID - 30" ID,  2½" Depth

1" PVC / CPVC Drain Connection

Anodized aluminum plate



Aluminum water heater pan is recommended for installing under gas water heaters  to protect against water damage.
Comply with SBCCI Section 1213.7.


20" ID x 22" OD
22" ID x 24" OD
24" ID x 26" OD
26" ID x 28" OD
28" ID x 30" OD
30" ID x 32" OD

Come with 1" Pre-cut side hole..
2½" Deep.
1" x 1-1/2" pvc adaptor included.

Available thickness:
0.6 mm
0.7 mm


Semi-rigid aluminum alloy plate


Mold pressing


Matt silver, passivated after forming. You will not have worry about color fading after years.


Catch dripped water from water heater;
Will not break, rust or crack.

Drain Connections & Dimensions:

1" PVC / CPVC Drain Connection.

Available packaging styles:

Box + Pallet   -   Not much customers choose this packaging, it consumes a lot of space in container, make the shipping cost very high.
Estimated quantity for 20 GP container - 2800 pcs.

Box stack  -  Suitable for small orders, will load more, and, less shipping cost than box + pallet.
Estimated quantity for 20 GP container - 3600 pcs.

Pan stacked on pallet, without box  -  The most efficient packaging style, keep the lowest shipping cost.
Estimated quantity for 20 GP container - 7400+ pcs.

As paper / box price is rising very high in China, we suggest customers to pack without box for lowest cost.

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