Dish Washer Outlet Box

Dish washer outlet box is 5.1" height, 5.1" width, 2.4" depth, same box as ice maker outlet box. One dish washer stop valve is installed in packaging, single valve or  valve with water hammer or single box are at the choice of customer. Product are UPC / CUPC , NSF61 certified.

Outlet connection: 3/8" OD Comp, Inlet connection: 1/2" MIP, 1/2" CPVC, 1/2" F-1807 Pex,  1/2" F-1960 Wirbo Pex,  1/2" Pushfit.

Dishwasher outlet box with valve and hammer arrestor

Dishwasher Outlet Box Set



Dishwasher Outlet Box


Dishwasher / Toilet / Faucet Supply Valve

Dishwasher Supply Valve


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