How to Install a Washing Machine Outlet Box

Washing Machine Outlet BoxIf you wish the modern appearance of a furnished laundry room, use a washing machine outlet box to cover untidy inlet valves and water valves. Outlet boxes are suitable for in-wall setup. Installing a washing machine outlet box is a simple process and you can do it alone without the help of a professional. Here is a step by step guide on how to install your washing machine outlet box:

Identify and prepare the installation area.

Decide on a location between two wall studs straight at the rear of the washing machine to set up the outlet box. If the wall structure has already been completed, use a stud locator to indicate the suitable location using a pencil, and cut the design of the outlet box into the wall having an additional 12 inches in the same direction as that of the water lines. Prepare to install your outlet box about 48 inches above the floor level to keep it above your washing machine flood level casing.

Safeguard the Washing Machine Outlet Box.

Start by removing the exterior trim from the outlet box, and place the outlet box on the wall such that its nailing fins lie above the studs and the outlet box lies between the cavities. The exterior of the outlet box should flush with the wall. Protect it on the studs by nailing 8d nails on it.

Connect the Water Supply Lines.

Comply with the manufacturer guidelines of the washing machine outlet box to protect the cold and hot water lines to the valves in the outlet box. Based on the type of the washing machine outlet box as well as your current plumbing setup, you may have to solder extra pipes to make connections.

Connect the Washing Machine Lines.

Collect the water inlet hose-pipes from your washing machine, and bolt them to their matching valves within the outlet box in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Make sure the hoses are attached firmly to prevent leaks. If you find a knockout plug at the bottom of the outlet box, take it off using a screwdriver to set up the drain line.

Cover the Outlet Box.

If you drilled an existing wall to set up your outlet box, use a utility knife and cut a square of the same size as your outlet box into the wall you removed. Use screws to hold the piece in position, and apply wall tape on the seams. Apply a layer of drywall substance on the tape and allow it to dry. Add extra layers until you attain an even surface. Now you can screw the external trim of the washing machine’s outlet box into place.

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