How To Replace A Hot Water Heater Thermocouple

Universal gas thermocoupleIn case you own a hot water heater, but its pilot light will not stay lit, then it is probably as a result of a failed water
heater thermocouple in need of replacement. A water heater thermocouple is a thermoelectric gadget that shuts off the gas in case the pilot goes out. In simpler terms, it is a short piece of tube that extends from the gas regulator to the pilot light. The pilot and the pilot end of the thermocouple are held side by side inside a bracket that is anchored to the burner.

Though kindly note that it is also a possibility that you have a blockage inside the tiny tube that’s supplying gas to the pilot. In case the tube is clogged, then you can clean it by blowing through it or pushing a thin piece of wire back and forth inside the tube.

But then again, in case you have tried everything, but the pilot light won’t stay lit, then the thermocouple perhaps needs to be replaced.

The tools you will require to carry out this simple task.

You ought to have the required tools for this Do It Yourself (DIT) project lined up prior to starting. This will save you time and frustration.

All you need to have is;

  • A Wrench Set,
  • And an adjustable wrench.

The materials you will need when carrying out the task.

You should try your best and avoid last minute shopping excursions by having all the materials you will need early in advance. Below is the whole list.

  • Replacement water heater thermocouple,
  • That’s all, nothing else.

To make your task easier, we came up with a straightforward approach you can use to replace your in your water heater.

  1. Start off by turning off the gas source.

Ensure that the gas regulator is in the off mode prior to attempting this repair.

  1. Detach the 3 nuts holding the water heater thermocouple and the 2 gas tubes to the valve.

The burner normally sits loosely, or under clips inside the burning chamber and easily slides out.

  1. Remove water heater thermocouple from the burner.

Water heater thermocouple is normally fastened to the pilot gas supply tubing with a couple of clips snapping it into place. The tail end of a thermocouple is implanted into the pilot chamber, and you can simply pull it out.

Dispose of the detached thermocouple and replace it with the new one you bought from the store.

  1. Install the brand new one just the same way you removed the failed one.

Implant the tail end of your new water heater thermocouple into the pilot chamber and attach back the thermocouple to the pilot gas source utilizing the clips you had previously removed, reinstall your burner, and utilizing an adjustable or small open-end wrench, connect thermocouple lead, the gas tubing to the main burner, and the pilot gas tubing to the valve.

  1. Turn on the gas and keenly follow the lighting instructions as described on the water heater.

Examine to see if there are any gas leaks by applying soapy water to the joints and searching for bubbles while the main burner is lit.

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