Plastic Water Heater Pan


Pan size: 
20" ID - 30" ID,  2½" Depth

1"  PVC / CPVC Drain Connection




Plastic water heater pan is designed for installing under electric water heaters to protect against water damage and avoid electric shock for human safety .
Comply with SBCCI Section 1213.7.


20" ID x 22" OD
22" ID x 24" OD
24" ID x 26" OD
26" ID x 28" OD
28" ID x 30" OD
30" ID x 32" OD

Come with 1" Pre-Drilled Hole.
2½" Deep.

1" x 1-1/2" PVC fitting or 1"x1-1/4" CPVC fitting included.




1.3 mm at center area

1.5 mm at center area

Notes: This pan is thermoformed, so the thickness is not equal at all area. But this will not effect the toughness, it will not crack even support 180 degree bending.




Matt Black


Isolate from electric;
Catch dripped water from water heater;
Made from sturdy material, will not break, rust or crack.

Drain Connections & Dimensions:

1"  PVC / CPVC Drain Connection.

About Material:

There are a lot of plastic water heater pan brands in north American market. PS, PP, PVC are most popular material used for this plastic pan.

PS - The cheapest material, though it has very flat surface, it's easy to crack. Thermoformed.

PVC - Better material performance than PS, flat surface, still easy to crack. Thermoformed.

PP - Flexible material, hard to crack, surface flatness not very good. The thicker the better, suggest 1.5 mm. Thermoformed.

HDPE - Thicker, tougher, good surface flatness. But expensive. Injected.

We use PP material for our plastic pan, mainly because it's flexible, hard to crack, and high price-performance ratio.

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